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Stop Food Cravings NOW!

5 Ways to Crave-Proof your Life!  One minute you are going about your busy day, the next thing you know, there are crumbs on your chin, chocolate on your fingers and a guilty feeling deep in the pit of your stomach…

Bikini Champ & Super Mom 

Super mom and first time Bikini Competitor Chelsea Fugate wins her first show and inspires her daughter!

“I enjoy seeing the changes that your everyday decisions make to your body. Whether it be lifting heavy consistently in the gym to gain muscle or eating a diet rich in vitamins and minerals to feel more energized and focused.”

Killer Ab Workout for Women

Who says you need to wait until April to start working on a strong core and killer abs? Carpe diem my friends! Let’s start building now with my Killer Ab Workout for Women.

Feel the difference: Fit Tabs

5 Star Review… “I’ve always taken a multivitamin to fill in holes in my diet, but this is the only one I’ve used where I actually FEEL a difference. I took it, went off it, then started taking it again, just to make sure it wasn’t in my head. Cravings are down, energy is up, and all over I can just tell I am better nourished.”

UMP Hot Chocolate

I know there are times when you just want something sweet! I have a super simple recipe that will satisfy that sweet tooth in a way that will keep you on track.

Life Changer: Dawn Bonnett

When I first started working with Julie I was at 28.5 % bodyfat and at the end of week 12, I was 20.5%. I started out in a size 7 pants and now I can wear a size 2!  Read Dawn’s transformation story and about how she has more energy for LIFE!

Issue 3 - FITBODY News

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