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THE COMPETITION ISSUE!  Bikini – Figure – Fitness

Bikini Champ Kayln Friddle

Healthy… Happy… Fit!

Bikini and Fitness champ Kayln Friddle does it all and shares what it takes to succeed on the bikini stage.  Gymnastics coach, trainer and life long natural athlete, Kayln puts together the whole package to shine.  

My Natural & Organic Journey to the Figure Stage

Team FITBODY’s Jackie Calvert decided she wanted to make her dream of competing in a Figure competition come true on her terms.  This natural athlete focused on organic, non-GMO foods to fortify her body and define her physique with outstanding results!

Which Division is Right for Me?

Considering competing in a show, but not sure which division is the right match for you?  The five competitive divisions of physique shows allow women to match their body type with the division they most aspire toward.  Bikini – Figure – Fitness – Women’s Physique – Women’s Bodybuilding  Find out where you fall in the mix!

Sushi Salad

This salad unrolls all of the quintessential flavors of your favorite sushi platter. Mouth…watering…now….

Your First Figure Show?

Heading to stage for your first figure show?  Julie Lohre takes you through specifically what to expect for your first show.  You have worked to hard not to be prepared!!!

Bikini Posing How To

Don’t step on stage without know specifically how to pose for your body!  IFBB Pro and Posing Expert Julie Lohre shares what you need to know to highlight your physique and shine on the bikini stage!

Issue IV - FITBODY News

Julie Lohre - FITBODY News Online Fitness Magazine for Women

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