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Chris Trimpey

Congratulations to new FIGURE PRO Chris Trimpey!!!  A lifetime runner and busy mom of three, Chris Trimpey decided to start lifting 2 years ago and began a whole new fitness journey.  See how she transformed her body & got these amazing abs with a clean eating diet and exercise!

Fit Tips for Travel

Secrets of Ripped Abs

Want to know how to get ripped abs? Once you have reached your goal weight, getting super defined, ripped abs whether for a contest or simply to see how cut you can get takes very strict dieting and the right amount of targeted training. 

FITBODY Stretching Plan for Women

Killer Ab Workout for Women

Ready for an amazing ab workout?  Time to start working on a strong core and a tight six pack with my Killer Ab Workout for Women.

Quick Move to Tighter Abs

Quick Move to Tighter Abs

Feeling Froggy?  The Frog Crunch is a fantastic abdominal exercise that will help strengthen and define your abs!

Chocolate Protein Brownie Drizzle

Chocolate Protein Brownie Drizzle

Bakery style, high protein treat without the cheat!

Issue XVI - FITBODY Magazine Abs Issue

Fitbody News Mag Abs Issue Cover with Chris Trimpey

FITBODY Magazine Abs Issue

Online Personal Training for Women

Online Personal Training for Women

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